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1. Players must always adhere to the positive aspects of the sport (i.e. fair play) and never condone violations of the game rules, behavior contrary to the spirit of the rules of the game, or the use of prohibited substances or techniques.

2. Players must consistently display high standards of behavior be it at practice or game time.

3. Players must appreciate the importance of striving to win, and not winning in itself.

4. Players will not use any form of profanity.

5. Players must respect the rights, dignity, and worth of each and every person involved in there sport.

6. Players must accept responsibility for their own behavior and performance.

7. Players will not argue with officials or judges.

8. Players will not refuse to abide by the officials decision, or perform a verbal, forceful or disrespectful demonstration of decent to the officials decision.

9. Players will not engage in abusive verbal attack, including but not limited to, "trash talking" or "taunting", to any player, coach, official, judge or team reprehensive, or spectator.

10. Players will not engage in any physical attack, including but not limited to, Fighting, Pushing, Shoving, Laying hands on, Kicking, Striking, of any official, judge, coach, player, or spectator.

11. Players will not use deliberately rough tactics towards anyone during a game or practice with the intent to cause an injury.

12. Players are to remember that football and cheerleading is to be FUN, and a learning experience.


You are the leaders of tommorrow!